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Ready Rigged Ray Net 0.65 x 10-1/2" x 10-1/2 MD 100 Yards


Tangle nets are single-walled nets that closely resemble a standard gill net. The main difference is the greater amount of slack netting set into the headline which results in a more loosely hung net. This mean that flatfish, rays, monkfish and shellfish such as spider crabs and crayfish become easily entangled without their heads getting caught in a single mesh.



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Terminology, for example

  • 0.65 Twine
  • 10 1/2" Stretched mesh measurement from top of the diamond to the bottom
  • 10 1/2MD This is how many meshes deep the net is. This determines the height.
  • 100 Yards Long
  • Rigged to fish on the seabed.
  • Light Rigged on 6mm Braided roped with floats and No 2.5 Leadline
  • Heavy Rigged on to 6mm and 8mm rope headline. (no Floats) No. 3 Leadline


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