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Large Mesh Tangle Nets (sheet only)


Sheet Nets for Brill, Turbot, Monkfish, Skate and Shellfish


Tangle nets are single-walled nets that closely resemble a standard gill net. The main difference is the greater amount of slack netting set into the headline which results in a more loosely hung net. This mean that flatfish, rays, monkfish and shellfish such as spider crabs and crayfish become easily entangled without their heads getting caught in a single mesh.


Prices below are for sheet nets only which means that they come in pack ready for rigging.


We offer a rigging service but we have not listed these on the site as customer specifications and delivery times can vary.


If you would like a price for any of the nets listed below to be rigged please visit our main site or contact us.


Terminology, for example

  • 0.70 This is the diameter of the monofilament the net is made from
  • 10 1/2" Stretched mesh measurement from top of the diamond to the bottom
  • 10 1/2MD This is how many meshes deep the net is. This determines the height.
  • 1000 Meshes long. This is the stretched measurement of the net. Multiply the mesh size by the number of meshes to work out stretched length. Tangle nets have longer stretched length than gill nets. This makes them slacker when the are rigged to the finished length of 100 yards.



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