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Nylon Gill Nets For Herring and Mackerel (sheet only)


Gill nets consist of a single wall of netting weighted at the bottom and supported at the top by floats attached to a head rope so it hangs vertically (at slack water) in the water column. Most bottom-set gill nets use a braided synthetic rope headline with floats around every 1-3m apart. The greater the buoyancy on the headline the more stiffly the net will hang in the water. Braided rope is preferred to twisted rope as it stop the nets spinning up during fishing.

The foot rope is weighted by leadline. We supply lead line weighing between 3kg and 11kgs per 100m.

Most gill nets are rigged by half, meaning a 200yd stretched sheet net will make a 100yd net when rigged and ready to fish.


Our herring and mackerel nets are rigged for easy clearing of large hauls of fish.

Many areas have by laws governing the legal mesh size and fishing areas. Please contact your local fisheries officer if you are unsure.

Prices below are for sheet nets only. Please contact us or see our main company site for rigged prices.


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