Weedban Landscape Fabric 90


Weedban 90

  • Rose & shrub beds
  • Vegetable and fruit beds
  • Flower beds
  • Aggregate areas and paths
  • Under decking
  • Under artificial grass
  • Under domestic patios
  • Aggregating a lawn
  • Rockeries & large stones

There is no need to use any chemicals or remove existing weeds. Just strim vegetation to ground level ensuring there are no fi brous stalks which could penetrate WEEDBAN 90. Simply lay the WEEDBAN 90 and cover with a mulch. Edges are best secured by ‘Spitting’ WEEDBAN vertically or ‘Trenching’.



A 90 gsm SPUN-BONDED MEMBRANE which allows air, nutrients and liquids to pass through to the soil. Creates a healthy & fertile soil. All fertilizers, liquid & solid feed can be used with WEEDBAN 90. WEEDBAN 90 guarantees that NO weeds will penetrate from underneath. WEEDBAN must always be covered with a mulch.


Weed Control



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